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Dynamics 365 Business Central discrete manufacturing or assembly implementation package

We have a range of implementation project packages from DIY through to a fully customised implementation project tailored to your business.

Our package pricing shown below is based on a Business Central solution of up to 5 Essentials or Premium users and unlimited Team Member users. If your requirements are for a business larger than this please use this pricing as a guide only and get in touch with us to confirm pricing for your specific situation.

Do It Yourself

AUD $1,500+ GST

For businesses who have had prior experience with Business Central or similar ERP systems. We supply you a chart of accounts, templates to import customers and balances and provide step by step instructions to follow to get your system up and running.

Chart of Accounts
Templates to import basic data
Written guidance
Standard Microsoft help & training videos
* Recommended only if you're comfortable with Business Central already
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Discrete Manufacturing/Assembly

AUD $44,000+ GST

Includes the Core Pack Single Entity, Purchasing, Sales, Banking, Inventory, Inventory Planning, Warehousing, Warehousing Extra, Jobs, Assembly & Manufacturing

More details on the inclusions and optional extras below

Fully Customised


Get in touch to discuss your specific needs

Customised Project Scoping
Customised Business Process
End to End Implementation
Flexible Project Plan and Timeline
Consultants to Migrate Data
Custom Chart of Accounts
Custom Master Data Setup
Custom Templates
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Core Pack Single Entity


The Core Pack is essential for all implementations and includes setup of a single trading entity and the functionality needed to operate the general ledger in one currency.

Single Entity Setup
Standard Chart of Accounts
G/L Opening Balances
Standard Financial Reporting
Standard BAS Reporting
Standard Users/Groups/ Permissions
Excel Integration
Training - chart, journals, reporting, budgeting, period end process & user personalisation
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Purchasing includes the essential functionality & training to run a basic purchase ledger for services and non inventory items.

Vendor Master Data (up to 1,000 records imported)
CoreBiz Template Layouts (Word templates)
Vendor Opening Balances (journals /open documents)
Outlook Integration
Training - quotes, orders, invoices, returns, credits, payments, journals, reporting & emailing documents
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Sales includes the essential functionality & training to run a basic sales ledger (no inventory or warehouse management).

Customer Master Data (up to 1,000 records imported)
CoreBiz Templates Layouts (Word Templates)
Customer Opening Balances (journals/open documents)
Outlook Integration
Training - quotes, orders, invoices, returns, credits, payments, journals, reporting & emailing documents
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Banking, Multi Currency and Cashflow Management - building on the Core Pack to import bank statement entries, support multi currency and manage cashflow forecasting.

Bank Statement Import Setup
Multi Currency (up to 3 extra currencies)
Training - statement import, bank reconciliations, currency revaluation & cashflow management & forecasting
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Inventory includes the essential functionality and training required to manage the purchasing and sale of inventory.

Item Master Data Setup (up to 1,000 items imported)
Inventory Integration with the G/L
GRNI Accruals and COGS Transactions
Item Opening Balances (from stocktake)
Training - item costing methods, categories, GST/sales tax /tariff setup, attributes, pricing and discounts for specific customers, inventory periods, item journals, item charges & inventory availability
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Warehousing introduces more complex inventory management functionality - including locations, bins, tracking and reservations.

Multiple Inventory Locations
Bins Within Locations
Transfers Between Locations
Drop Shipping & Special Orders
Serial & Lot No. Tracking
Physical Stocktake
Inventory Reservation
Warehouse Picking
Training - on the above items plus SKU's, lead times, back to back orders, expry and warranty dates, item reclassification journals, multiple units of measure, warehouse shipments & receiving
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Inventory Planning


Inventory Planning introduces item planning, automated purchasing, MPS and MRP.

Materials Requirement Planning
Item/SKU Level Planning
Purchase/Supply Suggestions based on Sales Demand
Training - on above items plus safety stock, bulk creation and adjustment of purchase orders, warning for supply/demand date conflicts & order promising
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Core Pack Extra

AUD $3,000+ GST

Multi company, inter company, consolidations - building on the Core Pack to enable the setup of multiple entities, intercompany and consolidation requirements.

Setup of up to 3 trading entities
Consolidation of multiple entities into one
Consolidated Chart of Accounts
Consolidated Reporting
Training - intercompany transactions and journals (automatic and manual)
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Warehousing Extra


Warehousing Extra adds additional functionality and training to enable picking and putaway documentation along with laying the foundation for 3rd party WMS integrations and hand scanning solutions.

Picking and Putaway Template Layouts
Receipt and Shipment Template Layouts
Setup the Fundamentals for Integration with 3rd Party WMS and Handheld Scanning Solutions
Training - process picks from sales or outbound transfers/production requests, process putaways from purchases or inbound transfers/production orders, pick by item or bin, add item tracking to the pick record, combining multiple records into single shipments or inward receipts
See Details



Assembly includes the training required to create assembly orders from BOM to meet sales order demand or fulfill inventory.

Training - assembly BOM's against items, assembly order processing, assemble to order & assemble to inventory scenarios
See Details



Manufacturing includes the essential functionality for a simple discrete manufacturing process.

Product Design
Production BOM
Machine/Work Centres
Production Orders
Master Production Schedule
Training - on above
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Jobs includes the essential functionality and training required to track job costing, work-in-progress (WIP) and posting of WIP to the G/L.

Job Setup and Management
Resource Group Pricing
Tracking of Budget vs Actual costs and Expected Billable vs Actual Invoiced amounts
Training - jobs, resources, items, reinvoiced expenses, work types, resource usage, job journals, accounting for WIP, invoicing & credit notes
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AUD $3,000+ GST

Payroll adds an integrated payroll solution to the Core Pack.

* Requires KeyPay Plus Licenses and our Business Central Extension
Setup - including awards (up to 5 employees)
Integration to Jobs (if Jobs module activated)
Integration to Assembly Orders (if Assembly module activated)
Integration to Service Orders (if Service Management module activated)
Training - pay run
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Fixed Assets

AUD $3,000+ GST

Fixed Assets includes an asset register, asset history tracking, depreciation calculations and full integration with the general ledger.

Fixed Asset Master Data (up to 200 assets imported)
Fixed Asset Opening Balances
Training - fixed asset purchase and sale, asset maintenance, service data, depreciation calculation & asset journals
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Service Management

AUD $7,500+ GST

Service Management includes the essential functionality to track serviceable items you've sold to customers, for warranty and maintenance purposes.

Service Management Overview
Service Contracts
Service Orders
Service Invoicing
Demand Overview
Dispatch Board
Service Items
Loaners and Warranty
Fault and Service Codes
Training - on above
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